Elise By Olsen

Elise By Olsen (b. 1999, Oslo, Norway) is the CEO and founder of Ecudorp, an executive media group that publishes an expansive list of magazines and art publications.

She currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Wallet, a new publication dedicated to critical dialogue within the fashion industry: the business, the money, the politics. In Wallet’s past issues she has examined topics such as authority, publishing and education, speaking to the major financial and political clout of an increasingly global industry.

Prior to founding Wallet, Elise was internationally recognized as “the world’s youngest editor-in-chief” at age 13 in international press. Her first publication, Recens Paper is a renowned youth culture magazine, from which she has now resigned.

Contact: elise@wallet-mag.com


Established Wallet in 2017, a publication for your pocket – a small start to a larger conversation on the fashion industry and how it operates and capitalises on us. A new pair of glasses to see through the blur of the industry, to clarify and provide perspectives. With a sharp pen Wallet applies political dimensions to the sleek surface of fashion. Wallet is pocket sized and compliments the concept of an actual Wallet. A part of one’s essentials, highly personal and a symbol of capitalist values – your Wallet is a reflection of who you are in the environment you live in. And if you don’t have one, you are either too rich or too poor. The format enables a mobile function – you are able to carry Wallet with you, able to share; to reference, to write notes in and take notes from.

Established Recens Paper in 2013, youth driven media platforms taking young people seriously were lacking. It was at the time unprecedented that youth would have impact in the global cultural conversation. Elise led Recens Paper into the ultimate showcase of young talent under the age of 25, a platform to bring young people’s creative narrative into print and into newsstands – a celebration of youth culture generated by youth culture. Recens Paper was included in HighSnobiety’s list of “the world’s top 5 alternative fashion magazines” and ArtForum’s “top 5 magazines of 2017”. It has landed a place on the shelves of Tate Modern, Dover Street Market, 10 Corso Como, Palais de Tokyo, colette and Opening Ceremony.