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Wallet #6 “Bureau of Bodies (2019)

A conversation on the modelling business. Featuring Halima Aden, Jeni Rose and Walter Pearce in a text conversation, and New Aliens Agency, 3rd Space MGMT, Elite Models, Tomorrow is Another Day, Supa Model Management, Nisch Management, Troy Agency, The Claw, Wilhelmina and Cat-B in a visual conversation.

Wallet #5 “Champions of Commerce” (2019)

A conversation about the marketplaces of fashion. Featuring Rami Atallah, Vittorio Radice and Arun Gupta in a text conversation, and H&M, Stand Up Comedy, Retti, Dover Street Market, Gallery 909, Ooga Booga, Alara, Colette, The House of Beauty and Culture, Camper, Balenciaga, LN-CC, Darklands Berlin, The Broken Arm, Barneys, Goffa X, Slam Jam, SEX, Fiorucci, Atelier E.B in a visual conversation.

Wallet #4 “Shamans of Space” (2019)

A conversation on the relationship between fashion and space. Featuring Grace Wales Bonner, Ippolito Laparelli and Matthew Linde in a text conversation, and Balenciaga, Bjarne Melgaard, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Florence Fashion Biennale, Fondazione Prada, Hussein Chalayan, Issey Miyake, Musée Yves Saint Laurent, Rei Kawakubo/The Costume Institute, Yohji Yamamoto in a visual conversation.

Wallet #3 “Elite of Education” (2018)

A conversation on fashion education and its changing operations. Featuring Hussein Chalayan, Hywel Davies and Shelley Fox in a text conversation, and Amy Cookes, Annaliese Griffith Jones, Daniel Levi, Dorry Hsu, Eleanor Mcdonald, Elnaz Gargari, Florentina Leitner, Grace Kennard, Laura Newton, Limeng Ye, Misha Japanwala, Noora Ainasoja, Paula Cánovas del Vas, Quinten Mestdagh, Rui Zhou, Shir Naeh, Sinéad O'Dwyer, Stefan Cooke, Stina Randestad, Tuuli-Tytti Koivula, Venice Wanakornkul and Ville Polho in a visual conversation.

Wallet #2 "Pioneers of Publishing” (2018)

A conversation on the evolution of fashion press, and the mechanisms within. Featuring Isabella Burley, Nick Knight and Joerg Koch in a text conversation, and Kiko Kostadinov, Bernadette Corporation, Exactitudes, Telfar, Not Vogue, Vivienne Westwood, Matthew M. Williams, Re-bel, Jacquemus, Mowalola and Acne Paper in a visual conversation.

Wallet #1 "Admins of Authority" (2018)

A conversation on power in fashion, and who administers this. Featuring Adrian Joffe, Sarah Andelman and Jefferson Hack in a text conversation, and Afterhomework, A Magazine by Eckhaus Latta, BLESS, Conner Ives, Brydie Perkins, Emman Debattista, Fabian Kis Juhasz, Pierre-Louis Auvray, Etienne Saint-Denis, Jon Emmony, Admir Batlak, DIS, Manémané, Richard Haines, Rhea Dillon, Kaari Upson, Rob Pruitt, Scott Watts, Torbjørn Rødland and Wali Mohammed Barrech in a visual conversation. 

Guest editor of (2019)

Appointed guest editor for summer 2019, presenting a series of articles exploring the current and future state of fashion and art publishing. Through conversations with publishers, critics and image-makers, this guest edit offered an intimate insight into my own publications and working practice.

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Dozie Kanu "Support System" catalogue (2018)

Catalogue for artist Dozie Kanu’s Miami Design District installation during Art Basel. Featuring essays by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Alexandra Cunningham Cameron and Jeppe Ugelvig. Produced in collaboration with Hublot.

Oslo Runway Paper (2016)

Magazine for independent fashion showcase Oslo Runway, in collaboration with Mercedes Benz Fashion and Lóréal Paris. Featuring interviews, editorials and news reporting on the Norwegian fashion industry.

Recens Paper #7 "Recycle" (2017)

Issue seven “Recycle” is about re-using, reminiscing and reffering to the past – and recycling it into a meaningful form for the contemporary. Showcasing work by Sam Clarke, Inés Manai, Julian Klincewicz, Jetro Emilcar, Adriana Ramic, Faye Wei Wei, Hannah Levy and Tau Lewis. Interviews with Paul Nouvet, Karim Boumjimar, Kamohelo Khoaripe, Sabah Iqbal, Pierre Louis Auvray and Shana Sadeghi-Ray.

Recens Paper #6 "Document" (2017)

Issue six “Document” is about archiving and preserving the past, but also describing and predicting the future. Showcasing work by Micaiah Carter, Arielle Chiara, Rebecca Storm, Igor Pjorrt and Daniel del Valle. Interviews with Edward Mendoza, Natan Gullström, Malibu, Josh Reim, Langa Mavuso, Pierre Kaczmarek Mithsuca Berry, Theo Mode and Zoe Bleu.

Recens Paper #5 "Share" (2016)

Issue five “Share” is about promoting collectivity and celebrating the spirit of teamwork. Showcasing work by Tom Emmerson, Miriam Marlene Waldner, Ben Elliot, Baby House New York, Francois Quillacq and Gallery909. Interviews with The Garden, Phendu Kuta & Sesona Mahlahla, Smerz, Filip Custic & Kito Munoz, Wavey Garms, Alexandra Marzella & Rowan Oliver, Sister and Fecal Matter.

Recens Paper #4 "Invent" (2016)

Issue four “Invent” is about youth imagining and creating their desired futures. Showcasing work by Jakob Landvik, Luca Fuchs, Thomas McCarty and Adrian Catalan. Interviews with Bror August Vestbø, Martin Rehof, Helena Severin, Grace Miceli, Emil Wæde, Reece Cooper, Hunter Karman and Paul Hameline.

Recens Paper #3 "Observe" (2015)

Issue three “Observe” is about the sensible processes of taking notice, gathering knowledge and exchanging eperience. Showcasing work by Name a Moon After, Ya Tender, Nuria Ruis, Gosha Rubchinskiy. Interviews with Ecco2k, Glacier Girl, Walter Porter Pierce, Signe Ralkov, Wali Mohammed Barrech, Aurora Aksnes, Drippin, Kasra V, Freja Lindeberg.

Recens Paper #2 "Explore" (2015)

Issue two “Explore” is about experimenting with the virtual world, the physical reality, each other and ourselves. Showcasing work by Maria Pasenau, Filip Custic, Fryd Frydendahl, Du Yang, Nikolaas Verstraeten, Lyall Coburn and Kito Munoz. Interviews with Esben Weile, Cille Smed, Purpurrpurple, Dolores Haze, Tove Agelii and Julius Juul.

Recens Paper #1 "Identify" (2014)

Issue one “Identify” is about the exploration of one’s identity and how we build off of our personal foundations.