Selected exhibitions

Curatorial projects

Appointed curator of Vestlandsutstillingen (2020)

Elise By Olsen is appointed curator of Vestlandsutstillingen 2020 in Norway. Vestlandsutstillingen is an annual touring exhibition taking place at Kunsthall Stavanger, Kunstmuseet KUBE, Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, Kunsthuset Kabuso, Haugesund Billedgalleri and Kunstgarasjen Bergen.

Life Killed My Chihuahua, virtual exhibition at Thaddaeus Ropac/Instagram (2018)

Life Killed My Chihuahua is a virtual extension displayed in tandem with Bjarne Melgaard’s solo exhibition Bodyparty (Substance Paintings) at Thaddaeus Ropac, London. It is a digital commission, co-curated by Melgaard himself and editor Elise By Olsen, about the loneliness of being an artist. It grants unique insight into Melgaard’s artistic practice by chronicling Oslo’s contemporary counterculture; showcasing prominent creatives from Oslo’s thriving underground scene. Concurrent with and running in parallel to the exhibition, Life Killed My Chihuahua challenges the duration of an art show by updating the Ropac gallery Instagram dynamically. It also involves the audience actively by creating a holistic relationship between the physical and digital, instant and limited and the introversion in Bodyparty (Substance Paintings) and extraversion in Life Killed My Chihuahua. Both parts are characteristic of Melgaard’s singular style: independent, radical and non-consensual.

Transatlantic Treatments, group show at Rod Bianco (2017)

Transatlantic Treatments is a group exhibition with a transitory dialogue on America; the images, influences and interactions that informs the rest of the world. How is todays political climate shaping the relationship between the individual and the collective? With an increasing emphasis being put on the singular experience in the public conversation, all of the artists reflect upon the tensions between the individual and society through a different approach to the subject matter. 

Artists include Brian Kokoska, Darja Bajagic, Eliza Douglas, Ida Ekblad, Jon Rafman, Juliana Huxtable, Kaari Upson, Matias Kiil.

Early Works, group show for 89plus and Google Arts & Culture at New Galerie (2017)

Early Works is an ongoing attempt to create a conversation around the early works, as an often glamorised term in the arts, being more about the important period of transitioning from being an aspiring artist to fitting into the forces of the art market and its systems. The early works of artists have always been considered as a sort of naive practice to investigate in retrospect after the artist’s success. Sometimes completely forgotten, hidden or even destroyed. They are too often approached with nostalgic emotions and offer the possibility to look at the artist development with the eye of the connoisseur, digging for significant elements that might justify later artistic maturity. Early Works represents a democratic, transparent and conscious present. Facilitates the featured artists in the early stages of their practices. And above all empowers the most crucial, vulnerable yet exciting point in an artist’s oeuvre.

Artists include Adriana Ramic, Dozie Kanu, Ethan Assouline, Maria Pasenau, Matias Kiil, Niklas Binzberger, Shana Sadeghi-Ray, Tabita Rezaire, Thor Tao Hansen